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Grindex - Trouble-Free Dewatering Since 1960

Grindex pumps have proven their durable performance in a variety of challenging applications, including building and construction sites, mining and tunneling, power plants, rental, quarries, steel mills, rescue operations, different types of industries and other areas where reliable and highly dependable pumps are required.

Thanks to the built-in motor protection and the air valve, the pumps can run unsupervised for long periods, and even run dry for a length of time.

Submersible drainage pumps

Grindex submersible drainage pumps are used for pumping fluids with abrasive particles. They are commonly used for dewatering in applications like mining and construction sites and in quarries. The pumps are equipped with an electronic motor surveillance and air valve that enables dry-running capabilities. The drainage pumps have a capacity up to 330l/s and a maximum of 230m of head pressure.

Submersible sludge pumps

Grindex submersible sludge pumps are used in numerous demanding applications for pumping fluids with solids up to the size of a tennis ball without clogging. The pumps are equipped with an electronic motor surveillance and air valve that enables dry-running capabilities. The sludge pumps have a capacity up to 28l/s and a maximum of 40m of head pressure.

Submersible slurry pumps

Grindex Bravo slurry pumps are designed for pumping slurry and other fluids with high concentrations of abrasives, like sand and stones. The wear problem is solved by producing hydraulic components in Hard-Iron™, one of the hardest materials available today. Typical applications include dredging, cleaning of settling ponds, coal and ore slurries, Bentonite, coal washing water, sewage treatment plants, steel works, quarries, mines and many other industries. The Bravo pumps can deliver up to 155l/s and a maximum of 60m of head pressure.

Small submersible pumps

Despite their size (the smallest pumps weigh only 10kg), these drainage and sludge pumps are reliable as a pump failure is not an option in demanding applications. Rescue teams around the world discovered this long time ago and have been using Grindex pumps for decades.

Submersible stainless-steel pumps for corrosive applications

Grindex Inox range of submersible drainage and sludge pumps are constructed from stainless steel and are intended for use in demanding applications such as mines, process industries, fish farms, harbors and other environment which can quickly destroy conventional pumps. With its impressive allowed pH range, from 2 up to 10, it is hard to find an application that can't be handled by the Inox pumps. All materials in contact with the liquid are made out of AISI 316 stainless steel or better.

About Grindex

Grindex was founded in 1940, and has been located close to Stockholm, Sweden, from the start. Since 1960 we've been dedicated to developing absolutely the best quality electrical submersible pumps - designed without compromise for professional users the world over. We strive to offer a pump for every need: from drainage to sludge to slurry, in the most challenging environments imaginable.

Grindex exports to nearly 100 countries around the world, and has a subsidiary in the USA.


Grindex AB
Box 7025
Telephone: +46 8-606 66 00
E-mail: marketing@grindex.com
URL: www.grindex.com