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AHC - Surface Treatment Specialists White Papers

AHC - Surface Treatment Specialists

AHC Explores IVD Aluminium Vacuum Coating : creating high-purity aluminium layers on steel an non-ferrous metals The AHC Group is focused on providing functional coatings for technical surfaces for the automotive and mechanical engineering markets. In-house developed processes and patents from AHC also deliver custom made protective coatings for electrical and electronic components.
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SELGA-COAT® CHROME: Selective Galvanic Plating of Functional Hard Chrome Layers In nearly all areas of the automotive industry and mechanical engineering, technical hard chrome layers are applied to impart components with a property profile for their intended use: hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, tribological properties, as well as thermal and chemical resistance. The very good tribological behaviour of functional hard chrome layers is indicated by its relatively high original hardness, strong adhesive, constantly renewing oxide layer and anti-adhesive properties. In addition, the metal features a hexagonal lattice micro-structure when plated. Therefore, the wear-intensive frictional surfaces are absent in the micro-structure.
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Anodic and Hard-Anodic Aluminium and Magnesium Coatings For some time now, the trend in the selection of construction materials has moved towards light metals, including aluminium and magnesium alloys. The reasons are obvious: weight reduction above all means energy savings with fewer heavy masses that have to be moved. The more light metal alloys employed in new areas of application, the higher the requirements for wear and corrosion protection. And here is where one of Europe’s leading surface treatment job shop AHC Oberflächentechnik comes into play.
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AHC Oil & Gas Coatings With today's oil & gas exploration pushing deeper, drilling tools have to contend with increasingly demanding conditions. Wear, corrosion and extreme temperatures create one of the most demanding environments known to design engineers. Making matters worse, remote and offshore locations add a logistic challenge that requires your equipment to outperform and keep on drilling. Engineered surface treatments can do an incredible job protecting equipment in harsh environments, giving you that edge required to operate faster, longer and safer.
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New coating systems by AHC Oberflächentechnik protect aluminium-cast alloys from corrosion Aluminium materials with a particularly high content of silicon can be treated for corrosion resistance only in very limited ways. Conventional anodic coatings can only partially cover this demand due to the inherent silicon structures of the surfaces in question. AHC Oberflächentechnik based in Kerpen has developed two new coating systems that offer more possibilities for corrosion-resistant functional aluminium surfaces, especially cast alloys.
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